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“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou  

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Mystery shoppers on multi-channel platforms

Mystery shoppers (secret customers) can act as an “early warning” method helping businesses identify shortcomings in their customer service at all touchpoints and information channels that customers interact with. Thus, they can also help identify the risks that can negatively affect the reputation of the business.


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Customer satisfaction survey

Customer satisfaction surveys help businesses understand how customers feel about their experience with their product/service, and immediately correct issues that make customers unhappy. These surveys can be completed online or in person with a variety of methods for best results.


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Evaluate and improve Customer Experience

Research by Microsoft in 2017 showed that 96% of consumers think that customer service plays an important role in their level of loyalty with brands. As a result, internal quality examination by customer service specialists will create a solid foundation for any enterprise’s customer service.   


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Service quality tracking & analysis system

SOI.Pro distributes software, developed by our Israeli partner, to effectively collect data on multi-platform and provide one report according to user needs. With this tool, enterprises can easily store data, compare data in different times and locations. The software also makes it more convenient for users to manage and access service quality assessment data.   


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Customer Service Training 

The Customer Service Training courses will be adjusted to fit the demands and particularities of each business, to ensure the course outcomes can be practically applied. These training courses help employees correct mistakes, prevent others from repeating the same mistakes and motivate them to provide better customer care.    


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Support human resource of call centers

Call Center is also an important touching point of businesses when establishing its brand position, interacting with customers, and building close and long-lasting client relationships in a professional manner. Therefore, SOI.Pro provides human resource support services for call centers which help businesses in training and hiring employees that have qualities to fit the role.  


Why choose SOI.Pro?

SOI. Pro helps improve customer service quality, contributing to the sustainable growth of the business

Early identification of problems in customer services.
Optimization of a business’s customer services.
Evaluation of customers’ experience.
Creation and maintenance of high quality customer services.
Building customer-centric attitudes among employees.
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SOI. Pro has won a number of international awards and certificates

2018 – One of outstanding enterprises of Hanoi  

2018 – Member of the Hanoi Association of Small and Medium Enterprises 

2019 – One of outstanding enterprises of Hanoi  

2019 – Member of the Mystery Shopping Professional Association Asia Pacific region 

2022 – TOP10 Vietnamese brands for the customer’s rights 2022 


Many major partners in different industries have placed trust in SOI. Pro


The satisfaction and trust of customers ‘ companion choices is our pride.

Phạm Vũ Lâm

Pham Vu Lam

CEO of LC Building Ltd

“I was introduced to the SOI. Pro products when I was looking for a customer service training agency. With SOI. Pro, our difficulties were quickly resolved. Beyond my expectation, the awareness and attitude of LC Building staff towards customers clearly improved after the training course”.

Nguyễn Lan

Nguyen Lan

CEO of PestBusters

“I am always concerned about maintaining a high quality of customer services in all branches. “Mystery shoppers” service of SOI. Pro has helped me silently monitor our service quality. It helps enhance the sense of responsibility of PestBusters staff. I am really pleased because this service saves me a lot of time”.

The press writes about SOI.Pro

SOI. Pro is honored to be referred to by many reputable media agencies.

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