What is SOI.Pro's services?

SOI.Pro provides businesses with a full-service package to achieve a better customer experience, including 6 forms: Mystery Shoppers on an omnichannel platform; Customer satisfaction survey; Customer experience process evaluation and building; Service quality assessment and monitoring software; Customer service training; Call center personnel support.

Who should use SOI.Pro's services?

Businesses or organizations that work directly with customers want to ensure that customer experience and service quality standards are consistently implemented across all branches, staff, locations, and times. Those can be banks, retail chains, restaurants, supermarkets, fashion stores, etc.

What is Mystery shopper Service?

As regular and sophisticated customers, we secretly observe and experience your business at online and in-person touchpoints. From there, we identify problems early in contact with customers related to response time and offer solutions to fix vulnerabilities at the lowest cost. After the survey, SOI.Pro will compile periodic reviews into an objective report sent to business management.

Who are Mystery shoppers?

SOI.Pro has a substantial team of collaborators including many different components suitable for customer portraits of each type of product such as students, young office workers, married people, and the elderly. Depending on the business characteristics of the enterprise, SOI.Pro selects the most suitable collaborators with the business’s target customers to act as mystery shoppers.

Why businesses should use the Mystery shopper service?

Mystery shopper service on a multi-channel platform is a form of “early warning”, helping businesses promptly identify shortcomings in the quality of their customer service. Then, businesses would have a plan to train and improve the customer service quality of employees before those shortcomings affect the loyalty of customers.

Mystery shopper service on an omnichannel platform also helps businesses ensure consistency at all times, across all staff, and at every touchpoint in the customer journey.

What is Customer satisfaction survey Service?

Customer survey service allows businesses to realize the satisfaction level of the customers they are serving, understand how customers feel about their products or services, and perceive business processes to make immediate adjustments to problems that make customers unhappy. Surveys can be completed online or in person with a variety of methods for the best results.

Surveys are designed by a team of customer experience experts based on the needs of the business as well as the specific nature of the field in which the business is operating. Surveys can be conducted in batches. A detailed report and a comparison will be sent by SOI.Pro at the end of each period.

What is Customer service training?

Training service offers short or long-term courses, depending on businesses’ needs and the results of the service quality assessment, to ensure issues are resolved and create a perfect and consistent customer experience. From the assessment results, SOI Pro’s training courses focus on building a customer experience mindset for employees in real-life situations to maximize customer satisfaction.

The courses are developed and taught methodically by leading experts in the industry with many years of practical experience in customer service training for large cooperations and organizations.

How to store and manage customer satisfaction data?

To store and manage customer satisfaction data, SOI.Pro provides a software that collects customer satisfaction assessment data on multiple platforms. The system compares data by time and place it for business managers to easily supervise and access data anytime and anywhere, make reporting easier, and control services over time.

What is the most important factor in improving the call center quality?

In order to improve the quality of the customer care center, the human factor is the most important that businesses need to focus on investing in. Happy employees make customers happy. Currently, many businesses choose to use third party personnel supply services to optimize costs and recruitment time, thereby being able to focus more on core business activities.

Do customers need to use the entire package of SOI.Pro products?

No. Depending on specific needs, businesses can choose one service in SOI.Pro’s service package.

Is SOI.Pro's service fixed?

No. SOI.Pro builds a product package as a common standard for all customers. Based on the standard product package and the specific needs of each customer, we will build a separate product package for each business. Please contact us to get the most suitable advice.

Every customer who approaches businesses at some point in the customer journey has the potential to become a future loyal customer or a natural brand ambassador. However, what do businesses need to do to achieve it?

The question is the beginning of our idea of ​​​​products and services that support businesses to build solid customer service processes internally and create comprehensive customer experiences in the future. As we understand that:

“Customers don’t complain, they quietly leave”

The cost to maintain an existing customer is 1/5 compared to that of acquiring a new customer. However, a common phenomenon in failed businesses is that the service quality is deteriorated and is inconsistent by the time when businesses attract a large number of customers. As a result, former customers will leave one after another, and it will cost the business 5 times more to acquire new customers.

How to create positive, uniform, and consistent customer experiences across the entire system? How does each customer touchpoint along the entire journey bring good emotions, and create loyal customers or even ambassadors for the brand?

Building customer experience is not merely the job of those who come into contact with customers or at the customer care department of the business. It is the synchronization of the process, the company’s system, the personnel regular and methodical training, the objective monitoring mechanism, and continuous customer listening.

SOI.Pro, a brand of SYCA Joint Stock Company, with 10 years of experience in the field of service quality and customer experience, has a strong team of employees, a decent network of businesses, experts, and international partners, and a substantial team of collaborators, providing in-depth and comprehensive solutions to resolve business problems. Please refer to the services of SOI.Pro and contact us for specific advice.

Board of Directors


Ms. Le Mai Huong

Chairwoman of the Board of Diretors-Co-Founder

Ms. Le Mai Huong graduated with a Master of Research at La Trobe University, Australia under a scholarship for international research students. Ms. Huong has 15 years of experience in qualitative, quantitative, and communication research with domestic and international organizations in Vietnam, Australia, and Singapore.


Mr. Nguyen Huy Binh

General Manager – Co-Founder

Graduating from National Economics University, Mr. Binh has nearly 20 years of experience in customer management and sales in the field of information technology as a customer director of MISA before starting his career with SYCA. Currently, Mr. Binh is the direct manager of SYCA’s activities.


Ms. Nguyen Thi Thuong

Vice General Manager – Co-Founder

Ms. Thuong graduated from Foreign Trade University. She has 15 years of experience in the field of customer service, conducting in-depth survey projects with major partners of SYCA. Currently, Ms. Thuong supports large projects and is in charge of finance and human resources of the company.

Senior Management

C Lê Mai

Ms. Le Thi Hong Mai

Account Manager

Ms. Mai has many years of experience in customer service in the banking sector, Ms. Mai is currently in charge of customer care in SYCA. Businesses can contact Ms. Mai to discuss appropriate solutions to enhance customer experience.

Trương Nữ Trà Linh

Ms. Truong Nu Tra Linh

Senior Project Manager

Ms. Linh has been accompanied by SYCA since 2018 with many experiences in implementing projects in the fields of banking, retail, fashion, F7B, healthcare, and real estate of the company. Currently, Ms. Linh manages and coordinates the implementation of the company’s projects.

A Vũ Ngọc Trung

Mr. Vu Ngoc Trung

Senior Project Manager

Accompanied by SYCA from a very early stage, Mr. Trung has been in charge of many large customer projects of SYCA such as HTC, TPB, MBB, and VCB. Currently, Mr. Trung is the project manager in the banking, automobile, and telecommunications of SOI.Pro.

C Vũ Thơm

Ms. Vu Hong Thom

Head of HR Coordination Department

Ms. Thom is currently in charge of personnel support projects for call centers of SYCA’s banking partners. Every year, Ms. Thom assists in providing hundred of qualified and skilled personnel for Customer Care and Call Centers.

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