“To satisfy our customers, understand them first!”


We can only serve our customers well and keep them satisfied if we understand their needs and expectations. For that reason, SOI.Pro provides consumerization services to help our clients gain an insight into their customers’ thinking and their behaviour. These services allow companies to get deeper knowledge of their customers to make strategic plan as well as taking concrete actions to gain the heart and mind of customers.

Customerizations are conducted in different ways suitable with the needs and budget of our clients. They include person to person interview with the assistance of computer softwares (CAPI), online survey, focus group discussion. Our experts work closely with our clients to get an agreement on what we would want to understand from the customers and what measures would be the best to achieve this end.

Qualitative Survey:

  • Focus group
  • Indepth interview

Quantitative Survey:

  • Interview at home
  • On-site interviews (at point of sale, store, supermarket, …)
  • Telephone interview
  • Online survey

Mixed Method Survey:

  • Skillful combination of qualitative and quantitative surveys

The best way to understand the customers is to ask them. Asking customers helps measure the driving forces and barriers in their behaviors. Asking customers is also a way to show our customers that you care about them and what they thought. It will build more trust and loyalty from customers.

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