“It is bad to lose a well trained staff, but it is even worse if you keep an untrained employee!”

Customer Service Training

One important factor to build loyalty and retain loyal customers is the ability to establish friendly and supportive relations with customers. Leaders of companies may well understand this simple knowledge, but they and their imployees may not be equiped with skills to do so.

SOI.Pro provides training courses to meet with demands of clients concerning their customer services. The courses are either organized by SOI.Pro or in collaboration with our partners in different countries. They are tailored to specific needs of each client. As we have conducted hundreds of thousands of shop visits and surveys, we have strong and first-hand experience in the weaknesses of companies in their customer services. Our training courses are, therefore, very practical and executable for our clients. They include, among other things, the review of client’s customer services procedure, staff’s skills to assist customers, to deal with difficult situations while working with customers, and to maintain long-term connections with customers.

Some detailed areas in our training courses for clients:

  • Defining target customers.
  • Defining key areas in customer services.
  • Building customer care procedure to meet specific development strategy.
  • Training basic and advanced skills to build empathy with customers.
  • Training basic and advanced skills to communicate with customers effectively.
  • Understanding and managing difficult situations and crisis while working with customers.
  • Developing skills to overcome stresses and be professional in any circumstances.

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