Evaluate and improve Customer Experience process at every touchpoints

Research by Microsoft in 2017 showed that 96% of consumers think that customer service plays an important role in their level of loyalty with brands. As a result, internal quality examination by customer experience specialists will create a solid foundation for any enterprise’s customer service.  

In addition to SOI.Pro’s specialists with extensive experience working with brands, we also cooperate with international partners that are professional
s in customer experience management from many countries to analyze the current service quality of enterprises, discuss with related departments, and compare their current standards with international experiences and standards. From that, SOI.Pro will propose solutions to “patch” vulnerabilities and build stronger service quality frameworks for each enterprise.    

Depending on the current status of service quality standards of enterprises, SOI.Pro will provide different processes of examination and “treatment” for each enterprise. For those that do not yet have a standard for service quality, SOI.Pro will advise and support until the process is completed.    

The tasks may include:  

  • Analyze current service quality standard through existing regulations and discussions with related departments to create better service quality framework.  
  • Evaluate current service quality standard through different sources: Customer feedback, revelant department staff and international standards of customer service).  
  • Propose needed solutions to ensure customer service standard is suitable, up-to-date and synchronous; promote world-class service quality.  
  • Re-evaluate periodically and make timely adjustments if necessary 

The benefits of the service quality health-check program   

  • Immediately identify vulnerabilities and risks that can cause emotional loss in customer journey   
  • Create a solid framework of customer service quality, constantly update to keep up with international standard   
  • Create competitive advantage in customer service quality   
  • Build a methodical document of customer service process that is necessary for staff training and handing over work