Customer Service Training

“It is bad to lose a well trained staff, but it is even worse if you keep an untrained employee!”

Happy employees make happy customers: Our training courses focus on how to solve the problems that are discovered in survey results. The course contents will be adjusted to fit the demands and particularities of each business, to ensure the course outcomes can be practically applied. These training courses help employees correct mistakes, prevent others from repeating the same mistakes and motivate them to provide better customer care.   daotao

To meet the diverse and in-depth human resource training needs of enterprises, SOI.Pro cooperates with many Vietnamese training specialists with extensive experience working with major brands. In addition, SOI.Pro also collaborates with EON Consulting & Training Pte Ltd from Singapore. Since being established in 1996, over the years, EON has developed a team of experienced specialists and become a trusted human capital development partner in Singapore and Asia Pacific region 

The courses provide basic knowledge of customer service strategies and processes, and essential skills for employees in interacting with customers and resolving common problems in business activities. Moreover, employees also learn how to communicate effectively and build long-lasting relationships with current and target customers.  

Some of the course contents are as follow (These contents can be tailored when working with specific businesses):  

  • Defining customer journey and customer touching points
  • Understanding customer service activities 
  • Building customer service process for enterprises 
  • Basic to advanced skills to build up goodwill with customers
  • How to communicate and connect with customers
  • Skills to overcome stress and stay professional in any situation  

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