Mystery shoppers on multi-channel platforms

“Customers don’t complain to you, they just quietly walk away. 

Mystery shoppers (secret customers) can act as an “early warning” method helping businesses identify shortcomings in their customer service at all touchpoints and information channels that customers interact with. Thus, they can also help identify the risks that can negatively affect the reputation of the business. 

SOI.Pro’s Mystery Shopper Program offers tailoired/customised business evaluation and survey packages. This method assesses employee compliance with customer service standards during a customer’s experience of purchasing a service/product of the business.   16711891_1834507983455076_5366212033662353340_n

In the role of the customer, the well-trained team of SOI.Pro’s mystery customers will communicate with business’s representatives through their communication channels (Website, Fanpage, phone, in person, online, and other communication flatforms, etc.) to observe and access the factors affecting customer satisfaction. This assessment is based on specific business criteria, such as reliability, responsiveness, assurance, empathy, and tangibles. Regular reports will be sent to appointing managers to monitor and prevent possible problems 

Benefits of the Mystery Shopper Program 

  • Early identification of potential problems in a company’s customer services before they spread and become serious issues. 
  • Enhancing customer service skills, expanding good practice into different branches. 
  • Making sure employees always keep in mind to serve customers according to the service quality criteria of the business. 
  • Understanding weaknesses to improve customer service quality 
  • Ensuring consistency and maintaining standard service practices throughout the system. 

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