“Customers leave your company over the simplest things!”

Mystery Shoppers

Serving as normal customers, our well-trained mystery shoppers visit a client’s premises and experience their services. Factors that impact on customer satisfaction, such as the appearance of the premises and staff, staff’s attitude and enthusiasm for the job and with customers, and the expertise of staff.

The benefits of the Mystery Shoppers program

  • Identifying potential problems of a company’s customer services before these spread and become serious issues.
  • Enhancing customer service skills, expanding good practice into different branches.
  • Making sure employees always keep in mind to serve customers according to the service quality criteria of the business.
  • Improving the quality of customer service.
  • Ensuring consistency and maintaining class service throughout the system.

SOI. Pro believes that encouragement is better than punishment. We thus focus more on detecting the fundamental and hidden causes of issues in our client’s customer services so that we will know exactly whether there is a particular issue in our client’s customer services procedure or in the performance of customer services staff. We will then propose measures to improve the performance of a client’s employees through training courses, in terms of attitude, skills, product knowledge and work procedure.

From a strong and coherent framework that we have developed based on theories and international practice in the customer service industry, SOI. Pro tailors our services to each client to meet exactly their different needs. Over past years, we have provided customized surveys for many clients in Vietnam in a variety of industries such as banking, restaurants, retailing, hotels and fashion. Hundreds of thousands of survey responses have been precisely undertaken with the assistance of advanced software.

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