Service quality tracking & analysis system

SOI.Pro distributes software, developed by our Israel partner, to effectively collect data on multi-platform and provide one report according to user needs. With this tool, enterprises can easily store data, compare data in different times and locations. The software also makes it more convenient for users to manage and access service quality assessment data.  


The software will connect provided data and automatically export a report of service quality assessment. By comparing data in different times and between branches, the software illustrates service quality trends of enterprises. Therefore, data aggregation and reporting become easier and more accurate. 

The benefits of using Service quality tracking & analysis software 

  • Conduct a survey with the software without manual input
  • No need to deal with raw data to form analysis and build a report 
  • The software automatically provides graphs and reports based on customer’s demands 
  • The software provides communication platform for people who doing assessments and surveys 
  • Users can track real-time reports, store data from different sources